Industrial Brake Systems Disc Sibre Sure to be Safe Drive Components
Electromagnetic Brakes And Clutches Motor Brakes Kendrion Accelerating, decelerating, positioning, holding and securing

movable drive components and loads
Solenoids & Vibrators Solenoids Kendrion Single and double acting solenoids for the automation,

engineering, materials handling, security and safety applications.
Holding Magnets Magnet Service Binder Kendrion Fire protection doors, rolling gates, fire shutters with self locking devices. Thrusters Thrusters Authorised distributers and repairers of ELDRO® and ELHY®

thrusters for the release of brake systems.
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Drum Brake Binsi Drum Brakes Versatile brake for general industrial applications,

steelworks and material handling cranes and conveyors.
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Forced Cooling Forced Cooling Wistro Fan units for asynchronous, DC and servo motors. Powder Brakes & Clutches Power Clutches Merobel Where speed and torque need to be independently controlled such

as web tension control, wire and cable tension and test benches.

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Welcome to Magnet Service Binder

Sole Distributor of all Binder/Kendrion, Siegerland and Merobel brake products in Africa. We are also the distributor
of Kendrion solenoids and EMG thrusters with the
brands ELDRO® and ELHY®.

We also offer an extensive service to our customers by fitting brakes to motors, extension of fan cowls and fitting of force cooling to motors to mention a few. All these processes are being continuously supervised by a quality assurance system to ISO 9001 standard. With our service department we are able to assist our customers by offering field services on request.