Electro Hydraulic Thrusters


About ELHY® and ELDRO® electro-hydraulic thrusters

Electro-hydraulic thrusters made by EMG are predominantly employed in heavy lifting equipment and conveying equipment all over the world. In combination with modern drum and disk brakes they ensure safe and gentle braking.

The safety of people and machines alike during braking procedures as well as in emergency or power failure situations depend to these reliable units.
Continual innovative further development are characteristic for ELDRO® and ELHY® thrusters which have been produced for 60 years by EMG.

The advantages of Electro-hydraulic brake thrusters are:

  • Long useable life – up to 10 million switchings
  • Valves and damping springs for smooth performance
  • Digital switches and analogue sensors for status indication/brake monitoring
  • Designed for frequency controlled operation
  • Forces from 120N up to 6300N
  • Strokes from 40mm up to 160mm
  • Variable mounting position
  • Reliable corrosion protection
  • Explosion proof series
  • Specification for frosty environment
  • Specification for foundries and steel mills