SHI Type Disc Brakes



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About the SHI type disc brakes

Emergency back-up brake on rope drums and conveyors

The brakes in the SHI series consist of two independent halves with facing spring loaders and hydraulic cylinders. The brake lining support is held by guide bolts which absorb brake energy. The lining support is hydraulically retracted during operation of the brakes.

The brakes can be used horizontally or vertically, predominantly as an emergency brake. Any lining wear can quickly be manually compensated. The friction lining is glued and riveted onto the lining support. Special linings are available for particular requirements.


  • emergency stop brakes for heavy duty operation. Ideal for hoists on container cranes and casting cranes, for large belt conveyor systems, cable cars, etc.

Design Advantages

  • fast response time for maximum safety
  • suitable for different disc thicknesses
  • no tangential forces onto pistons and seals during dynamic braking
  • low spare parts and maintenance requirement due to using only one dynamic seal per cylinder
  • simple and fast manual wear compensation
  • easy and quick replacement of pad carriers