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About the industrial line

The DC holding magnets of the Industrial Line are divided into two different designs and variants.

1. Electromagnetic Holding Magnets
Electromagnetic holding magnets are pot magnets and consist of a magnet housing and a DC-excited coil. In switched-on state the open magnetic circuit allows to hold ferromagnetic workpieces. When the voltage is switched off the workpiece to be held falls off. Potential remanence, especially with light parts, can be avoided by attaching a non-magnetic foil. The holding system works with a very low operating current and without wear (maintenance-free).


Flat design

2. Permanent Magnetic Holding Magnets
These holding magnets consist of a permanent magnet to hold ferromagnetic workpieces and of an energising winding which neutralizes the magnetic field at the holding surface when switched on. Due to this principle these holding magnets are preferably used where long holding times are required and the device is switched on for short times only. Furthermore, they are used as safety magnets in transportation devices as loads are held reliably even in the case of power failure.

Rectangular (bar shaped)

In both systems the maximum holding forces are only reached depending on the surface roughness of the material, the material thickness and in case of full coverage (air gap= 0mm). Furthermore, the holding forces refer to 90% nominal voltage and warmed up condition.

The following basic data are defined as standard:

Nominal Voltage
24 Volt, DC

Duty Cycle
Electromagnetic holding magnets: 100%
Permanent magnetic holding magnets: 25%

Protection Class
IP 65 = device (protection against dust and hose water)
IP 54 = device (protection against dust and splashing water)
IP 00 = electrical connection (no protection)
IP 20 = electrical connection over terminal (protection against foreign substances)

The magnets are manufactured and tested acc. DIN VDE 0580.

Depending on the quantities required other voltages and modifications are possible at extra cost.

Design subject to change.